Thursday, January 28, 2010

Power Project

It's a new year, and a whole new me. Yeah, yeah, how many times have you made new year's resolutions only to break them within a week? Of course, my resolutions were just like everyone else's 1) eat healthier 2) exercise more 3) blah blah blah. And just like everyone else I broke them when I drank too much wine on New Year's eve.

One of my classes this semester requires a "power project." We are supposed to pick something we are interested in, always wanted to do, then set about to accomplish it. Some classmates are scrapbooking, eating healthier, blogging, etc. I've decided to run a half marathon. I've always wanted to run one, I like goals; so now's my chance. It's now or never.

In order to keep my self accountable, I will be blogging about my loooong journey. According to Wikipedia (the most trusted source online) a half marathon is a road running event of 21,097.5 meters, or 13+7⁄64 miles, about 13.1 miles. 

The breakdown:
Who: Me
What: A half marathon
When: March 27
Where: Lamesa (the proceeds go to families to help offset medical costs
Why: I'm crazy.

I found a great training program that is designed to build up to a half marathon. The program takes 12 weeks to complete, but I only have 9. I guess if I'm dying during the half, then I'll resort to walking (I just won't tell you I did).

As with any new exercise program, you gotta have the proper equipment.

The best running shoes ever, Asics.

A pink Ipod complete with all of the lastest music.

A very old, but free treadmill, just in case.

A spunky dog named Paisley.

Day 1: I took Paisley on a run through the neighborhood on a path that I usually follow. Paisley is a tough running parter. First of all, she runs faster than I do, so she is constantly pulling (dragging me) on the leash. I guess I get some resistance training in. She also will stop dead in her tracks at a moment's notice. Dogs, cat, food, people, trash-- you name it, she investigates. The weather was really nice, all in all, it was a great start to my power project. Distance: 4 miles

Day 2: I went jogging solo today. Honestly, I forgot to take Paisley. I get out of class at 12 on Mondays, so I jogged before Andy or Samantha got home. It is much easier to movtivate myself when I am the only one home, than when everyone is here watching TV. Distance: 5 miles.

Day 3: Umm, today wasn't so great. The wind was blowing, and I get out of class late on Tuesday. By the time I got home, I only had time to run and walk on the treadmill. I had homework to do, and dinner plans for the night. Distance 2.5 miles.

Day 4: Today called for 3 miles. Paisely and I ran around the neighborhood. It was 63 degrees outside, and it is only January. What a great day. Distance: 3 miles

Day 5: Luckily, the schedule has today as an off day.

Only in Texas does it go from 63 degrees to 4 inches of snow in a night.

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  1. yay tab!!!! glad to see you back in the blog-o-sphere. and i'm super glad i now have a face to put w/ the name, paisley. she's super cute!

    BTW, what running program are you following?